The Sikh Tragedy and Lesson that could be Learned

I read the usual news stories right after the tragedy in the Sikh temple. Same ol’ “We have to clamp down on all these guns”. The story that really got me though, was about how the leadership in the country of India is talking to the State Department about upping security by making it harder to have guns in this country. And how the American Sikhs seemed to echo the sentiment by essentially saying, “American government make use safe”.

My question? “Why have you chosen to live in this country? Because it’s the land of opportunity? It didn’t get this way on it’s own. Have you read our history? Without the citizenry having guns we would still be ruled by the King and I guarantee that this country would not be half the opportunity it is without us being a free people.” In the same article the Indians were praising the way they are able to worship in this country. Maybe that is why the Sikhs are here. Well, you can praise Onkar that my forefathers had guns to pave the way for you to come practice your faith. How often do we hear of massacres of Sikhs, Christians and Hindus in India? There are only 3 guns per 100 people in India. The US has 89 guns per 100 people. I like my odds here.

I was raised in Asia in a country where guns were illegal. It amazed me as a young teen that there was any gun violence at all in the country I lived. After all, to have a gun was punishable by death. Then it hit me that if you are doing illegal stuff anyway, why would you care about breaking one more law? So the bad guys (wolves) end up having weapons and the good guys don’t. How is that right?

I also read that the temple president Satwant Singh Kaleka tried to defend his people with a ceremonial dagger before being fatally shot. That was theĀ Sheepdog character of the man coming out to try and defend the sheep. I have the deepest respect for this man. But, it would have been better if someone would have had a gun and was trained to use it. Not to be cliche but you do not bring a knife to a gun fight. As a Christian I carry my gun everywhere. Even in church. Evil does not stop outside places of worship. And as people of faith I’m sure the Sikh know that the world is not getting better, it’s getting more evil. So defend yourselves, do not put up cameras so that you can have footage of the death and carnage. Cameras are not a defense. The spineless scum that perpetrate these crimes do not care about getting caught or even dying. They have lost their souls and cameras will not stop them. Have some of your worshipers get trained up on the proper use of a handgun. And then get them concealed carry permits.

I will teach anyone how to use a handgun. I have taught all different nationalities. If you love this country and love the principles that this country was founded on I will teach you the proper use of firearms. This is our passion at Sheepdog Tactical Training, LLC. We love to help people defend themselves from evil. If you don’t come to us, that’s fine. Go somewhere and get trained. There are places all over the country that do what we do for the love of helping others. Become the Sheepdog that’s inside of you.

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