Practice, Practice, Practice!

Psalm 144:1 “…Praise the LORD, who is my rock. He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle”

All through Israel’s history you find the hand of God protecting His people. When the Israelites followed the Lord’s direction and stood by His plan, they were victorious in battle. Sometimes God’s battle plans sounded very strange to His people and they probably questioned if they’d heard correctly. I mean, who ever heard of tearing down a fortress wall by marching around it and then yelling? But time and again, God used the extraordinary to accomplish His plans.

Take David for example. He was a shepherd for many years. He was alone with the sheep and nothing to do but watch out for them, so he used that time to practice continually with his sling so that when the sheep were in danger he could take down the enemy. The Bible says he slayed lions with that very sling. The only way he could do that is because he practiced so much that his sling became an extension of his body and he could use it without having to think about what to do. Later in his life, this training enabled him to take down a giant that threatened the army of God. The rest of the army was shaking in their armor, but David stepped out in his shepherds clothing and took that Giant out. God used David’s experience guarding his sheep to prepare him for just this moment.

God chose Gideon, a whimpering coward to recruit men to fight the enormous Midianite army. About thirty-two thousand men volunteered to help Gideon, but through a process of elimination, God dwindled Gideon’s army down to three hundred men, the first special forces,  to fight against a million Midianites. Upon hearing a Midianite sharing a dream he had, Gideon had his men surround the army. Each man with Gideon, armed with only a trumpet, a clay bottle, a torch and his own voice, outwitted the Midianites and won the battle.

Johnathan and his armor bearer carried a bow and arrows. Together the two of them alone  defeated armies. In other battles, the Israelites were armed with swords, a more logical weapons to the human mind.

Throughout history, and even in the present day, Israel, a very small nation compared to those who surround them, threatening to obliterate them, has been able to miraculously defend themselves and remain whole. God continues to this day to train their hands for war and give their fingers skill for battle.

As Christians, we are also God’s people and can count on Him to do the same for us. However, we must be willing to take the step to get the training and skill building, and then practice, practice, practice.  When we do, God is faithful to build our skill and make us able to become the Sheepdogs that can protect our families and those we love.

Everyday I watch the news to find that another of Satan’s “tools” has stepped into a private home or public place with a weapon intent on hurting innocent people. I am relieved to see that citizens are arming themselves against these that Satan would use to cause destruction, and taking a stand against them. I am a Firearms Instructor because I want to help people learn that guns are only dangerous in the wrong hands. I want to educate people on gun safety and help them build their God given skill so that they can protect themselves and others against the evil.

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