Operations security (OPSEC) is a process that identifies critical information to determine if friendly actions can be observed by adversary intelligence systems, determines if information obtained by adversaries could be interpreted to be useful to them, and then executes selected measures that eliminate or reduce adversary exploitation of friendly critical information.” -wikipedia-

When we think of OPSEC many think of military operations. But can we use the same principals in our civilian lives? I don’t need to tell you how weird and cruel the world has become. If you’re reading this then you already know.

So how do we implement OPSEC in our own lives? We can start by unplugging from social media. What? No Facebook? Ok, that isn’t going to happen but how about teaching your kids that the pedophile that’s a friend of a friend of theirs may be watching to see when they are away from home. Why post that you’re going to Forever 21 by yourself at 3:00pm?

I can’t say that I understand why people post what they do on Facebook. Maybe I’m old but it seems that kids are growing up without a care about personal space. We all have friends on Facebook that like to post about minutia. I personally don’t care if they post that they are getting a cold or that it is 67 degrees and raining where they are. That’s their business. I do care when they post about my family and where and what my family are doing. This leaves us vulnerable.

Bottom line is that in this day and age we need to be careful about what we post. Let’s make it harder for the bad guys. Am I paranoid? I don’t think so. As a Sheepdog I try to live in a state of situational awareness “yellow”. But I will save that for another post.

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