“What is the difference between the Basic Pistol class and the CHL/Prep Combo class?

That is a great question! The Basic class is for those who don’t have very much experience and who have never taken a Certified Basic Fundamental course. Most people learn from friends or relatives, but where did their friends or relatives learn? Unfortunately, this is a great way to learn gun handling habits that are usually not correct, and probably don’t give you the most control you can have of your gun. Our Basic class will teach you all of the correct fundamentals needed to handle a gun safely, accurately, and with the most control possible. This includes stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, hold control, trigger control, eye dominance, and much more! At the end of our Basic class, we shoot a portion of the CHL Qualification Shooting test so that you can see where you would stand if you found yourself in a threat situation. This gives each individual the chance to evaluate themselves and decide if they are ready to take the CHL Qualification test, or if they need more lessons or practice.

The “Prep” portion of the CHL Combo is for those who already have some experience and understanding of proper fundamentals. This class is to fix if necessary, and solidify those fundamentals while practicing the CHL Qualification Shooting test. At the end of the “Prep” portion, while you’re all warmed up, we shoot the actual test and then move into the classroom portion of the CHL class.

One thing I like my students to know is that whatever level of skill you master, in a threat situation, you will always respond below your skill level. It is important to make all of the fundamentals habits so that when you need to draw your gun it happens naturally…like second nature. No matter how high your skill level, you can always get better…and should reach for that goal. A gun is a weapon that can kill and a bullet cannot be called back so make sure when you pull that trigger you can easily hit your target.

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