Belgian Malinois Puppies for Sale


CJ is a purebred Belgian Malinois with dark mahogany coloring.

CJ’s Photo Album & Details

CJ is our Dam. She is purebred Belgian Malinois and FCI papered. She has been extensively trained in obedience and personal protection. I feel completely safe when she is with me because I know she would give her life for mine in any situation.

She has great dark mahogany coloring and weighs 69 lbs. She is strong and agile. Because I want her to be able to protect me on my property, I trained her to jump my 6 foot fence and she does so with the ease of a gazelle.

She is a great mommy, protecting and caring for her puppies at all times. She produces high quality puppies that are always easily potty trained and trained in any discipline (see references). I have never had a new owner want to give their puppy back, in fact, they tell me their new Malinois is the best dog they’ve ever had.

Belgian Malinois are working dogs used by Police and Military for protection and drug detection. They make great family pets, but they are not for everyone. Because they are working dogs, they need a job to do and daily work. Even if the job is only obedience, they need to be worked every day. If a Malinois is not worked they become destructive to anything they can get their jaws on just to get attention. If you do not have the time for a dog like this, it is not the dog for you. They are very busy dogs and will chew everything until they are about a year and a half old so kennel training is a must if your puppy will be a house dog. I don’t say these things to discourage you from getting a Malinois…as far as I’m concerned they are the best dog in the world, but please research before purchasing.


A little about Jak and his Photo Gallery


And for your viewing pleasure… Puppies!!!


Testimonials from a few of the happy new owners of these puppies.

Kali’s Development & Testimonial

Just wanted to give you a short update on Kali’s development and testimonial as to the quality of dogs you raise. As you know her registered name is “Geliefde Von Kirkham” (Geliefde in Dutch means Sweetheart, and what a sweetheart she is to me. Her date of birth was April 30, 2015 which makes Kali 10 months old now. She has completed phase I of her obedience training with Dean Rivera, and in 2 months Kali and I will begin her protection training. Kali’s weight is 63 pounds, and she is so smart, remembers everything, since Kali and I spend so much time together, we know each other like the back of our hand. She has so much energy and her personality is off the charts. If anyone is looking for a quality working dog, I would not hesitate to send them in your direction. I am not a dog trainer, but smart enough to know you have to have a quality Sire and Dam to produce “A” quality puppies. Thanks for providing quality dogs. You have my permission to refer my name and number to anyone who is interested in purchasing a puppy. Also I have included a few pictures of Kali. The two pictures of Kali in the bathtub, well she loves her baths, In fact if the bathroom door is open, she runs and jumps in ready for her bath. I believe she would like one every day. Ha, Ha.

Bill Payne

Max is a great dog!

Max is a great dog for me and my family, especially for my 8-year-old daughter. We’ve had Max for nearly two years now. We got him as a puppy and from the beginning, he was full of energy and joy. Now that he’s nearly two years old and has been going through training, he’s more behaved, alert and obedient. Max is a great house dog and he’s wonderful with children. Max is sweet but also vicious when he’s told to be. We can tell Max came from a good line. Even our Vet comments on how great Max is. He’s healthy and good looking. What more could you want from a dog and companion.

Carry Everett

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